Monday, 15 December 2008

The Classics

The Classics
Welcome! I'm always looking for subtle ways to amuse myself, so a friend suggested that I begin a blog about senseless stuff since I enjoy hearing my own voice (inner & outer). Here is my first entry.

Don't you love to read. I do. I can't think of anything more rewarding than taking time for yourself snuggled up by a roaring and crackling fire, the smell of hand-rubbed walnut paneling hugging the library walls. Imagine being caressed by the leather of an overstuffed chair your Grandfather carted over from the old country. And, look, there's your Rudy, curled up nose to tail, snoozing in the warmth of the afternoon sun as it penetrates through the open skylights. Ahh, nothing better.

Now, it's time to chose my tome. I can feel the weight of the volume in my hands, I thrill knowing that so much time and dedication has been put forth in making it what it is.

Yes, my friends, the literary selection I seek has Romance, Mystery, & Intrigue. I'm talking about a modern day classic for the young and old, rich and poor alike...People Magazine

The glossy cover shouts, Tom Cruise - The Truth About My Family (in his own words, of course.) Tom, the 25 year veteran of film. Let's recap. There's a picture of Tom in his Risky Business Hanes - so young and innocent. In 1986 Tom was my Maverick in Top Gun way before Sarah Palin was shooting moose and keeping an eye on Russia.

But Tom, are roles no longer coming your way? Do you need money? (bad economy hits everyone) Does Suri need a new pair of shoes? Because Tom, for your new role, you're portraying Col. Claus von Stauffenberg, a Nazi and me being Jewish and all. Anyway, Tom, I just might forgive you this one time because after all, "You had me at hello."

Wait, what's this? 37% say it's too soon for Britney to begin her new North American Tour. Can she survive? Will she have another relapse? When will she fit in bonding time with her bambinos? That leaves 63% of the folks wanting an Oops, I Did It Again head shaving.

Page 87 calls to me. As I read, a hint of a smile surfaces, I chuckle at the irony, karma is alive and well. OJ is headed to jail, y'all. Let me be the first one to give him his prison bitch nickname: Oral Justice.

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